What is Your Salon Missing?

Is your salon missing something? The right tanning solutions are only one piece to the puzzle. Your spray tanning equipment is a whole other factor to consider. Don’t worry though, Tan.Easy may have what you need to fill in the gaps in your tanning business. Having the right equipment not only allows you to provide a professional service to those looking to tan, but also allows you to tan smartly so that you can handle large volumes of customers. Adding an All.In.One.Booth or a Tan.Easy Salon.Expert.Tower paired with a tent that has an air extraction unit can give your shop the edge it needs. Having an All.In.One.Booth can provide a way to stand out from the competition, but even for those just getting started, having a complete professional space to tan clients in with state of the art tanning machines will give clients the perfect tan and help keep them coming back time and time again.

The Machines

The Tan.Easy Salon.Expert.Tower, Tan.Lite, and Handy.Tan all provide world class tanning that fits any style. Whether you are a brick and mortar store, or are exploring the freedom of a mobile tanning business, having the right equipment makes a world of difference. For those with a traditional salon, the Salon.Expert.Tower or Tan.Lite will keep you tanning for hours on end, each built with micro-whirlwind technology ensuring a perfect application of tanning solution every time. For those on the go or those who wish to tan at home, the Tan.Handy Personal Tanner might be the right piece of equipment for you. It’s portable, easy to use design gives you the flexibility or where and when while also using the same micro-whirlwind technology to ensure you always get that perfect tan.


The Environment

Having the proper space to compliment the proper machines is another important aspect of any tanning salon. The All.In.One.Booth is a one stop shop solution to high volume tanning that looks as impressive as it operates. It’s ergonomic design allows for a clean, stylish tanning environment that will have your clients talking, while the Tan.Lite fastened to the rear of the booth delivers a tan that will keep them coming back for more. It’s extraction system makes cleaning up post tan as easy as could be and let’s you get back to the important stuff; tanning. With traditional tents, a proper extraction system is also vital for reducing the mess and cleaning time required in between tans. Make sure you consider some form of extraction as it will drastically speed up your entire process.

Having the right equipment is vital to the long term success of any salon. Check out all of the amazing options from Tan.Easy and give them a try with your favorite St Tropez tanning solutions. You will not be disappointed.