How to Spray Tan Yourself at Home: Tips for a Salon Quality Result

How to Spray Tan Yourself at Home: Tips for a Salon Quality Result

We all want to look ready for the beach, but not everyone has time to tan naturally or on a tanning bed before it’s time to put on the first swimsuit of the season. Spray tanning is a convenient option, but it’s easy to worry about unevenness and bad results. Giving a spray tan isn’t […]

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Gradual Tan

Gradual Tanners: Your Best Friend All Year Round

It can be wonderful to look tan and sun-kissed all year long. Who wants to spend the summer months bronzed and gorgeous only to have to spend the other seasons looking pale, anyway? If you want to look like a glowing goddess 12 months out of the year, self-tanning products can help you accomplish your […]

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Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

If you want to make 2016 the best year of your life so far, there are plenty of things you can do. If you take action, taking the New Year by the reins should be something that’s definitely within your reach. Get 2016 off to a fantastic start by making a point to concentrate on […]

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The Wonders of Gradual Tan In Shower

If you constantly dream of achieving a warm and sun-kissed glow on your skin that looks both natural and inviting, then the product Gradual Tan in Shower from St.Tropez can help you accomplish that very easily. This imaginative tanning product works like a charm for helping people look tan, healthy and energized. If you want […]

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Luxe Dry Oil

All About The St. Tropez Luxe Dry Oil

The newest innovation of the sunless tanning industry has arrived – the all new St.Tropez Luxe Dry Oil. What Is it? This is a rich and luxurious oil that helps to provide a gorgeous, even, and natural tanned appearance lasting up to ten days! Unlike most oils, the Luxe Dry Oil is not greasy and […]

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How to Take Care of Your Tanning Mitt

Want to be sure your tanning product goes on smoothly every time? Keep that golden glow in perfect shape? Then take good care of your tanning mitt, the simple secret for a perfect look. Our soft and spongy application mitt is perfect for creating an even, golden tan. Whether you’re using a tanning lotion, gel, […]

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Re-creating St.Tropez’s ultimate tan couldn’t be easier with the launch of St.Tropez’s new Bronzing Mist – Self Tan Express. Self Tan Express is St.Tropez’s most revolutionary tan yet. It lets you select how dark you want to go by choosing when you shower. The formulation contains fast-acting ingredients that absorb quickly into the skin while […]

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The Hottest Fall Tanning Trend

Are you looking for the hot fall tanning trend? Just because beach season is over (pardon us while we sob into a pillow for ten minutes) doesn’t mean that you have to give up your bronzed look. If you’re anything like us, fall for you is a busy, busy time. Whether it’s shopping for the […]

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What is Your Salon Missing?

Is your salon missing something? The right tanning solutions are only one piece to the puzzle. Your spray tanning equipment is a whole other factor to consider. Don’t worry though, Tan.Easy may have what you need to fill in the gaps in your tanning business. Having the right equipment not only allows you to provide […]

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Which Bronzing Mist should I select for my Client?

Getting the perfect tan quickly is easier than ever nowadays, thanks to all the many St. Tropez bronzing mists on the market. However, because there are so many different types of St. Tropez tanning products to choose from, selecting the best tanning products can sometimes be difficult. Many clients ask their tanning salon professionals which […]

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Storing Tanning Products

Safely Storing Your Tanning Products

If you want to keep all of your St. Tropez self-tanning products in excellent condition (and therefore fit for use on your body), you have to be sure to take suitable care for them. This is important for all types of tanning products. Correct storage is vital for personal and professional tanning products alike. If […]

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Get Your Skin Spring Ready

Prepare Your Skin For Spring!

Your skin’s needs are different at all points of the year. What may be good for your complexion during the winter, for example, won’t necessarily be the greatest for it during the spring and summer months. If you want your skin to look and feel fantastic for the springtime, you have to make sure to […]

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Dry Brushing

ABCs of Dry Brushing

Take a look at your favorite spa menu, and you’re sure to find offers for dry brushing. Dry brushing involves scrubbing your skin with a scratchy brush-sounds far from luxurious, if not a tad austere. Spa pros sing its praises for it doing everything from reducing the appearance of cellulite to exfoliating dry skin. Sounds […]

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Top Tanning Mistakes

Top Tanning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Sun tanning can be dangerous, which is why many people are turning to fake tans. However, there are a number of mistakes that you can ruin your tan. Below is a list of some of the most common tanning mistakes that people make:   Getting A Mani Or Pedi After Tanning It is not a […]

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