How to Take Care of Your Tanning Mitt

Want to be sure your tanning product goes on smoothly every time? Keep that golden glow in perfect shape? Then take good care of your tanning mitt, the simple secret for a perfect look.

Our soft and spongy application mitt is perfect for creating an even, golden tan. Whether you’re using a tanning lotion, gel, or mousse, the best way to get streak-free, smooth results is with our velvety tanning mitt. It was designed to shape an even tan no matter what your skin texture may be. It gently buffs the tan onto your skin in even, streak-free motions.

It includes a water-resistant barrier that also ensures your palms and hands will remain stain-free. What a perfect beauty investment, and one that you acn use over and over again.

To clean the mitt, just follow these simple steps:

First, hand wash your mitt in warm water. That way you’ll remove any extra tanning product. Add just a touch of soap to the water, but don’t use laundry or dish washing detergent, as it can be too harsh on the soft surface of the tanning mitt. Choose a gentle hand soap instead. Once washed, gently squeeze out any water in the mitt. When your sponge is simply damp and no longer soaking wet, then you can shape the sponge carefully. Shape the sponge while it’s still damp. Looking ship shape? Then simply leave your tanning mitt to dry.

Carefully caring for your tanning mitt in this simple fashion, you’ll be able to use your mitt for a long time, and keep your tan looking absolutely perfect. That’s the whole point of a little care: keeping your stellar tanning technique smooth going.

Note that if you self tan frequently, more than every two weeks for example, the mitt will need to be replaced in about six months.

So keep that tan tan-tastic looking by caring for your sponge. Remember, whether you want a dark bronze look or a soft golden glow, our tanning lotions, gels, and mousses all go on smoothly, easily, and hassle-free when you use our tanning mitt to apply these products.