How to Spray Tan Yourself at Home: Tips for a Salon Quality Result

How to Spray Tan Yourself at Home: Tips for a Salon Quality Result

We all want to look ready for the beach, but not everyone has time to tan naturally or on a tanning bed before it’s time to put on the first swimsuit of the season. Spray tanning is a convenient option, but it’s easy to worry about unevenness and bad results. Giving a spray tan isn’t […]

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Gradual Tan

Gradual Tanners: Your Best Friend All Year Round

It can be wonderful to look tan and sun-kissed all year long. Who wants to spend the summer months bronzed and gorgeous only to have to spend the other seasons looking pale, anyway? If you want to look like a glowing goddess 12 months out of the year, self-tanning products can help you accomplish your […]

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The Wonders of Gradual Tan In Shower

If you constantly dream of achieving a warm and sun-kissed glow on your skin that looks both natural and inviting, then the product Gradual Tan in Shower from St.Tropez can help you accomplish that very easily. This imaginative tanning product works like a charm for helping people look tan, healthy and energized. If you want […]

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How To: Tan Like a Victoria Secret Angel

With the dangers of sun exposure well documented, spray tanning is an excellent option for getting a healthy, sun-kissed glow without suffering skin damage and premature ageing. If you want your spray tan to come out golden and glowing, there are steps you can take to ensure a natural outcome. Moisturizing to Prep Your Skin […]

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Gradual Tan In Shower and Glow

Using a self tanning product while showering can be an excellent time-saving measure. This is exactly why St.Tropez’s convenient Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is such a popular new product in the tanning world. Many people believe that Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion has had a permanent impact on tanning and beauty routines in general. […]

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Luxe Dry Oil

All About The St. Tropez Luxe Dry Oil

The newest innovation of the sunless tanning industry has arrived – the all new St.Tropez Luxe Dry Oil. What Is it? This is a rich and luxurious oil that helps to provide a gorgeous, even, and natural tanned appearance lasting up to ten days! Unlike most oils, the Luxe Dry Oil is not greasy and […]

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The Launch of St. Tropez Express

There’s a new bronzing mist in town – St. Tropez’s own Bronzing Mist Self Tan Express. This incredible new tanning product will allow you to choose just how dark you want to go. Want a light golden hue? The Bronzing Mist Self Tan can create the most appealing look. Prefer a dark, rich bronze? Then […]

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Creating a Red Carpet Look

Creating a red carpet look is all about achieving the golden glow of a great tan. For film-premier-perfect color, St. Tropez has a way for you to achieve the look of a movie star. Start by employing a matte base color when you highlight your best features. Even without a personal stylist to assist, using […]

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Bridal Tans on the Catwalk

Taking a walk down the aisle is one very important step for brides. And every woman wants to look beautiful. One part of that beauty is a natural, glowing tan. The perfect bridal tan look is appearing not just at the wedding altar but on the fashion catwalk as well. Bridal wear designer Julien Macdonald […]

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